Undergraduate Computer Science Degree Program

Admission Requirements
Advising Flowchart The department accepts freshmen and transfer students. Students should refer to the general statements on admission to the College of Engineering and Computer Science and to the University requirements for freshmen and for transfer students.

Students transferring from a Florida state college should have completed 60 lower division credits including the following courses:

Title Course No. Credits
Introduction to Programming in C* COP 2220 3
Calculus with Analytic Geometry I & II MAC 2311
MAC 2312
8 - 10**
Physics for Engineers with Labs
General Physics with Calculus I & II with Labs
PHY 2043
PHY 2048L
PHY 2044
PHY 2049L

PHY 2048
PHY 2048L
PHY 2049
PHY 2049L
Additional science course(s) designed for science majors   4 - 8**

* BCC students take COP 1334C, Introduction to Programming in C++
** The number of credits varies among lower division institutions.
*** Science courses to bring the total credits in calculus, physics, and other sciences to at least 21 credits. These additional science courses must come from biology, chemistry, or geology, and must be equivalent to courses taken by science majors at FAU.

Degree Requirements
The minimum number of credits required for the Bachelor of Science with major in Computer Science is 120 credits. The following are requirements for the degree BS in Computer Science:
  1. Satisfy all admission and degree requirements for the department.
  2. Meet all University general requirements for the Bachelor of Science degree. This includes the completion of the Foreign Language Graduation Requirement, which usually requires students who are not native speakers of a language other than English to complete a second term college-level foreign language course.
  3. Complete the computer science core courses with at least a 2.5 GPA and earn a grade of "C" or better in COT 3002 - Foundations of Computer Science and COP 3530 - Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis.
  4. Complete required physics, calculus, and mathematics elective courses with at least a 2.5 GPA and a grade of "C" or better in each of the courses.
  5. Earn a grade of "C" or better in Introduction to Programming in C.
  6. Complete the requirements for Computer Science electives and other electives.
Degree Requirements for a Second BS in Computer Science
Individuals seeking a second bachelor's degree must satisfy all admission and degree requirements of a first bachelor's degree except for free electives, general education, and foreign language. The minimum number of FAU credits needed to earn a second bachelor's degree in computer science is 30 credits at the 3000-level or higher, including at least 23 credits in computer science and engineering courses. For most students the number of credits required to meet the degree requirements will be considerably larger.