MSCS with or without Thesis - Graduate Courses

The three core groups of courses are listed in the table below.

Group 1: Theory
Title Course No.
Analysis of Algorithms COT 6405
Queueing Theory MAP 6264
Theory and Philosophy of Computation COT 6200
Randomized Algorithms COT 6446
Group 2: Software Development
Title Course No.
Multimedia Programming CAP 6018
Software Engineering CEN 5035
Software Maintenance and Evolution CEN 6027
Software Requirements Engineering CEN 6075
Software Testing CEN 6076
Software Architecture and Patterns CEN 6085
Object-Oriented Software Design COP 5339
Group 3: Computer Systems
Title Course No.
Computer Performance Modeling CEN 6405
Computer Data Security CIS 6370
Theory and Implementation of Database Systems COP 6731
Mobile Computing CNT 6517
Data Mining and Machine Learning CAP 6673
Multimedia Systems CAP 6010
Evaluation of Parallel and Distributed Systems CDA 6122
Introduction to Neural Networks CAP 5615
Wireless Networks EEL 6591
Advanced Data Mining and Machine Learning CAP 6778
Video Communication CNT 6885
Foundations of Vision CAP 6411
Advanced Computer Networking CNT 6516
Vehicular Networks CNT 6528